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    Is is possible to change a widget, for example “Recent Posts”, to a clickable picture? So instead of just the words “Recent Posts” and a list underneath, there would be a picture the reader would click or hover their mouse over and my “Recent Posts” would show.

    I have a .com not a .org blog.

    Sorry if this question seems poorly worded or if it isn’t even possible to do such a change. I am VERY new to all of this.
    Thank you in advance for any help or answers!

    The blog I need help with is mydailyminefield.com.


    No, the recent posts widget does not have such capability. You could hand code your own with HTML in a text widget, but you would then need to edit and add and remove entries every time you published a new post. That would be a lot of work.


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    No, the “Recent Posts” widget only shows the titles of recent posts.
    You can use “Top Posts and Pages” widget to show clickable images.
    Or you can manually make image links with a text widget…


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    ~~Richard! we keep bumping into each other like this—time for sleep 4 me LOL…


    Sheesh, Tess, I’m behind in my catching up with the stuff here. :) Thanks for adding the bit about the top posts and pages widget.


    Sleep well, Tess.


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    >^!^< I’ve been sort of out of the loop for a few months as well. Just the tip of my toes in the stream…


    1Tess, When you speak of manually making images, is that the same thing that Sacred is speaking of doing in the first response? Where I would need to re-do them every time I add a new post?

    If I were to switch to a .org blog, would that make a difference?

    I will also explore the “Top Posts and Pages” idea.

    Thanks again for the quick responses!

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