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    I want for my “Recent Posts” widget to look different on my blog. I would like my recent posts to be more prominent than the rest of the stuff on the right side of my home page.
    I learned in previous conversations with you all that it’s not possible to do anything with my “Recent Posts” widget without CSS experience. Well, when I was a infant blogger, I naively purchased the CSS editing option…. and well, I believe y’all.
    So. My friend suggested I create a “text” widget, and then create my text in a “new post” because there, I can choose a larger font, I can change the color, and then create links for each post- after that- I can copy and paste my custom stuff to my text widget. I like this idea- because I know how to do those things!! :) My question is, where can I send, or store my previous posts so that they can be found through the links I create?
    Thanks for your help,

    The blog I need help with is edenstream.com.


    The content of a text widget can be styled any way you please. But the Recent Posts widget is automatically updated, while a similar list in a text widget will have to be updated manually each time you publish a new post. Are you sure you want this? If yes, tell us how exactly you’d like the list to look like and we can give you the right code for the text widget.



    Thanks for your reply! When you put it that way- I guess I don’t know what I want. I thought I had found a solution.
    What I really want is for the font in my “Recent Posts” to be larger… Right now, the titles for my recent posts are the same size as the text in my copyright statement. They are not bold or prominent in any way, (except for the purple- which I wouldn’t choose- but will live with :)
    I would like to tempt visitors to click on those titles.
    Can you tell me how to do that :) :) ?


    If you wish to simulate the appearance of the RP widget, just with larger and bold font, you need this code:

    <div style="font-size:125%;font-weight:bold;">
<li><a href="URL OF LATEST POST HERE">TITLE HERE</a></li>

    <li><a href="URL OF PREVIOUS POST HERE">TITLE HERE</a></li>

    (Play with the percentage to adjust the size. To get the URL of each post, click on its title on your actual blog page and copy all the address form the address bar of your browser.)

    But as I said, it doesn’t have to be like the RP widget: you can get rid of the little squares if you prefer, change the color, add a frame and/or a background color around each title or around the whole list – you name it.



    Thanks so much for your help!


    You’re welcome. If you need any changes, let me know.

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