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    Is there a possibility to make a ‘widget archive’? I’ll try to explain what my aim is.

    I would like to put a widget in my sidebar with a topic like ‘Books we’re currently reading’ or ‘Curriculum we’re currently using’ (it’s gonna be a homeschooling blog) or something similar. To avoid an endless list of books in the upcoming months or years, I would like to somehow archive the books/curricula per month. So this month I’m reading this number of titles, and when the new month begins, I can start a new collection. And I would like people to be able to look back in the archive (preferably situated in a widget in the sidebar) to see what books we read in January. Is that possible?

    If it wasn’t already obvious: I’m a total newby at this, but I would like to start off well.




    How about doing a static page with the archives and linking to it with a text widget?



    Where are you storing this data? That might give us better information on how to work this out.

    Sulz, if you see this, would using LibraryThing’s RSS feed in a widget do this?


    Katm, I think I know what you mean. By ‘static page’ do you mean a real ‘page’ like a ‘Home’ or an ‘About me’ page? But wouldn’t I have to make a new page every month then? Or do you mean that I could update that page every month? Hmm, that would be an idea of course… It’s bedtime on this side of the world, but I’ll think about it some more. Thanks a lot for your quick answer, this was something I hadn’t thought about, but it would sure be an option.

    Drmike, I wasn’t exactly sure where to store the data. In the widget in the sidebar, I think. Just like putting your list of links in the blogroll, but instead of links you put a list of (non-linked) books. I figured I could put them ‘in’ the widget, in a text widget and update that widget with every new book I read? Or is that a really laughable impossiblility only a newby could suggest? And then that widget would somehow be archived with the posts of that month. With a new month I would make a new widget with ‘Books we are currently reading’, but people could still read the list of books I posted the month before – maybe in a drop down menu or something.

    But I’ll also chew on the option katm suggested and I’ll check out the LibraryThing website tomorrow. Thanks for your effort!



    All pages like your About page are for static content. They sit outside the structure of the blog and they do not automatically update. They cannot have categories assigned to them.

    katm means that you can create two pages -> write -> page
    ‘Books we’re currently reading’
    ‘Curriculum we’re currently using’

    Once the pages are published you can then place the links to the pages into a text widget. As they will not automatically update you can edit the pages periodically and add new information to them.



    That’s exactly what I mean TT. I got interrupted as I was writing and hit post without thinking.

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