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Widget area and header missing in "The Morning After"

  1. Hello,

    I recently installed the last version of WordPress and downloaded the "Motning after" theme, but I noticed some differences when using it in a separate server than in the site. The main one is that when I go to widgets, i dont see the “Home Page Feature Widget” option, compare this:

    with this:

    As you can see, in the one I was able to put that banner that talks about a demonstration, but in the installed one, i'm not able to. Also, some widgets as the Facebook like or follow on twitter are missing.

    Im referring to this:
    Text widget

    Another problem is that I cant change the header image, it doesnt show any, when i go to change it, I see the following: and then im not able to change, or upload a new one, it just doesnt let me change it, it all goes blank in the homepage


  2. Hi pruebasdry,
    The self-hosted version of The Morning After is a bit different from the version we launched on

    You can find out about the self-hosted version over on the WooThemes site:

  3. I guess it's that :(

    Do you know if there's any chance I could edit the css/html/whatever of the self-hosted version to make it look like the one?

  4. The best thing you could do is ask the WooThemes crew to update their version, we've already sent them the code updates a while ago.

  5. Thanks :)

  6. Any idea how long it will be until an updated version will be out Lance?

  7. Only the WooThemes crew can answer that.

  8. @tilley96 No idea, I just made a suggestion but it's up to the theme author to update their version on their own.

  9. Ah okay, thanks anyway guys. Sent woothemes an email, let's see if I get anywhere. haha

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