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widget border and Bullets

  1. I swore to myself that this is my last CSS question. I have been looking on the internet and theres no answers how to correctly add bullets and borders around widgets. Whenever I try to do put in a border, then a border appears around the links within that widget and I just want it around the whole widget. Also its a bit hard to explain but bullets appear above the widget title, anyways I have provided a creative picture of what it looks like as well as the CSS, if anyone is interested in helping me.

  2. hm.. do one thing at a time, I think.

    The border is because your 'border: 1px solid #333 is in the wrong selector. I think you want to add it to this one
    .widget.widget_text {

  3. thanks, but I put it under

    #leftside ul ul, #leftside ul ol, #leftside ul div

    and it worked, I still cant get the bullet part right, but I'll keep trying.

  4. hherrmm..yes, I realised that my suggestion wouldn't be the best, as it obviously only would give you borders on the text widgets, but then I got sidetracked. :-S

    Bullets - I'll think about it, but it seems the theme uses a space above the titles, and therefore no obvious solution - will chew on it for a bit though...

  5. try adding this:

    #leftside ul li.widget, #rightside ul li.widget {
  6. deltafoxtrot your a genius it worked, theres still a bullet by the search box but I can deal with that.

    Thanks everyone

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