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widget - debt clock

  1. need a small debt clock that will work in the text widget box


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Look around at the sites that have them. Look for plain HTML code, nothing with "iframe" or "script" or "embed" in it.

  3. tried that none of them worked at

  4. Many of them do. Panos has a series of posts about it on and there are many, many widget codes here:

  5. thanks but none of them work in the widgets text on

  6. Yes, they do. ONLY things that work at are in that thread.

  7. maybe I'm missing it - I don't see an animated debt clock

  8. Animated? You didn't say anything about that.

    Are you talking about YOUR debt? just use one of the countdown widgets or progress meters. If you're talking bout the national debt, you'll go insane trying to keep it up to date, but presumably if you have the accurate numbers, you can do it.

  9. To have one that is continually updating, it would require either flash or javascript, and those are not allowed on wordpress.COM for security reasons.

    If it is flash, there is the possibility that the gigya shortcode would allow one to be placed on your blog. Panos is the undisputed king of gigya. Hopefully he will visit this thread and take a look at it and see if it can be done.

  10. I already gave a link to the blog where he's posted the embed codes.

  11. i want to put it in the wiget so I need a code to slip it into the text option and yes I want it to update auto - doesn't matter if it is ongoing every min is fine

    I get the impression this is not allowed tho

  12. Find one that works with flash and then you can use the gigya code Panos has been writing about to add it to your blog.

    That code works only with flash. If your code uses iframe or scripts or other forbidden code, then it won't work.

  13. ^ that was all over my head

    I just want a little wiget to put in the side that runs a live animated debt clock nothing fancy

  14. But while it doesn't look like much, it IS fancy. That's what we're telling you. We can't do more than give you the instructions. Go to and find the posts he's done about widgets. Those are the best instructions there are.

  15. There is even a category on his blog called "gigya" where he covers some of the solutions he has come up with.

  16. roof or not, over your head or not,
    it is up to you to find a plain html counter
    or a flash counter.
    Plain html code will work on 'n' Panos can help if you have a plain flash code.

    You could just link to something like what you want?

  17. Flash is a serious security issue for a multi-user platform like wordpress.COM since bad flash introduced by a blogger could possibly bring down the entire system (ask Facebook, etc. about that as they have all been victims of bad flash/javascript).

    And there is a lot of badly written flash and javascript out there that opens security holes on any site it is used on whether on purpose or by mistake.

    A lot of people can write script, but far fewer can writing secure script.

  18. ^ thanks

  19. @jischinger: Please link to widgets you have found and I'll show you how to install them (if they're flash).

  20. @Panos
    I recognize that jischinger has not replied but want to share the link to Flash widgets for the US Debt Clock that I found with you. It's here

  21. @tt: Thanks (I didn't even know what a debt clock is)!

    @jischinger: Thanks to timethief, here's a couple of items for you to paste in a text widget:
    [gigya src="" quality="high" width="230" height="40" ]
    [gigya src="" quality="high" width="340" height="155" flashVars="topString=ADD TEXT HERE&bottomString=ADD TEXT HERE" ]
    Dimensions can be changed.

  22. [gigya src="" quality="high" width="340" height="155" flashVars="topString=ADD TEXT HERE&bottomString=ADD TEXT HERE" ]

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