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    The top rated widget was removed from my side. I am aware that the widget is not supportend anymore since a long time, but I was always told that those who had it active could still use it, and that was the case. I had the widget running on my site.

    Yesterday I was in the chat with the support with a slightly related topic, I basically asked a question about the widget’s content. Today I am shocked that the widget was entirely removed from my blog, and not only this, it’s the first time that I can not even find it anymore in the widget dashboard.

    Why would you remove widgets from blogs that still use it without telling the blog owner about it? And also, why exactly is the widget not supported anymore? It was one of the greatest widgets you offered, you could basically activate star ratings on each post, and set the widget up that it shows the top rated articles. The widget gave readers and the admin an overview of what is hot on the blog, it was actually a much better widget than the top post widgets with likes, because even people without an account could rate my articles.

    Please move the top rated widget back into my widget dashboard, I used it since 2011.

    The blog I need help with is diaryofdennis.com.



    Hi Dennis,

    I can assure you we did not remove the widget. The option to remove it was not even visible when my colleague viewed your widget settings in the Customizer.

    Deprecated widgets also aren’t removed from sites that already have them active, so if it’s gone it might be a bug. I’ve reported it to a developer to look into, but I can’t make any promises that it can be restored any more at this stage.



    Ok I understand and hope that the bug can be fixed. Would be great to re-enable the widget on my blog. I hope it works.

    Thanks for looking into this.



    Hi Dennis.

    Good news. The developer was able to restore the widget to your site. You should be able to still edit its settings from WP-Admin, but if you remove the widget it won’t be possible to add it back again, so please be careful where you click :)

    I also want to point out that the ratings feature itself was deprecated about two years ago, which might be why the widget isn’t updating correctly. We replaced it at that time with a different rating system that you set up with PollDaddy and then embed on your posts using a shortcode, if you want to take a look at that:



    Thanks a lot! This is much appreciated! I am glad to see it back on my site.

    We replaced it at that time with a different rating system that you set up with PollDaddy and then embed on your posts using a shortcode, if you want to take a look at that

    As far as I understand it, I would have to insert the shortcode under every post I write? That would be a lot of work for the old posts, and extra work for new articles. My theme does show a rating module under each post, is there a way to make it read from the new polldaddy ID so that I don”t have to add the shortcode each time?

    The article is not completely clear to me, is this a global rating system or for individual posts? Wouldn’t it count the ratings in the dashboard under “feedback” in since this feature is deprecated? I am wondering if this and the polldaddy widget would be basically the same as the old feature or not.



    As I understand the new system you will need to add the shortcode in every post.

    This feature has never been native to WordPress.com – the ratings you currently have enabled is PollDaddy code that was integrated in WordPress.com and it was deprecated because it became too difficult to maintain. The shortcode allows us to still offer this feature, but the code only needs to be maintained on PollDaddy’s side.

    I don’t know if the ratings widget would work with the shortcode ratings – I’m guessing not since the widget works with the old legacy code on WordPress.com, and the shortcode gets its data directly from PollDaddy. In this case I also can’t test it for you, as I’m not even able any more to activate the ratings feature on a test site.


    The new feature sounds very unfunctional to me then and I won’t be interested to use it in the future unless there will be an optional module inplemented that can show a rating system under each post and that can store the data and send it to the polldaddy database, as same as a customizable widget that can read the data from polldaddy and sort it by votes. But then, that’s probably what the basically was in some way. So, take this as feedback, I am still interested to see something like this.

    However, I am still glad you and your team could help me with my initial request to retrieve the old widget on my site, that means I am happy for now. Thanks again for this! I mark the topic as resolved.

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