Widget Dragging not working

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    Well this is the first time to use wordpress and i’ve already had a ton of problems just trying to set up.

    First issue being the widgets, whenever i click and try to drag it doesn’t “grab” the widget. It instead just highlights all the text. I’ve tried logging in and out and closing my browser and everything…but no luck.

    Futhermore, When i try to collapse or uncollapse the different widgets or widget sections/areas to adjust (as well as other buttons on the dashboard), the arrows doesn’t even work… it doesn’t respond when i click it… sigh.

    I don’t know but this sounds like some sort of flash or javascript issue with my browser…. Unfortunately, i use a chromebook….and since it’s already completely up to date, there isn’t any way to download or tinker with the settings manually. sigh.

    Do other people with chromebooks have problems? Or is my problem something else entirely?

    I cant use wordpress if the dashboard isn’t going to respond to my clicks…

    The blog I need help with is imanecogirl.wordpress.com.

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