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widget editing

  1. I am trying to put images onto my sidebar by adding them into a text widget. After I put the text widget into my sidebar, how do I add the image's URL??

  2. You use img scr to put an image in your sidebar, and link it directly to the file location. (ie. the WordPress/Flickr url).

    The code you want to use should look something like this:
    <img src="http://yourimageurlhere.jpg" alt="Alt Text here" />

  3. CJ, It will not work for me. I have tried everything!
    <img src="http:///public_html/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/dpatdesk070822.jpg" alt="Smile!" />
    How it came off my server, then replaced the Underscore with a dot/period in the public_html folder. (See Below.)
    <img src="http:///public.html/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/dpatdesk070822.jpg" alt="Smile!" />
    The "Smile!" shows, but no .jpg :-?

    TIA, DP

  4. Is your blog here at or are you self-hosted (downloaded the wordpress software from The reason I ask is you mention a public_html folder and also in your link there is "wp-content". Those are both indications of a self-hosted blog.

    If you are self-hosted, you need to be asking your question over at instead as we use different software here.

  5. CJ, I deleted the extra "/". Did not see it until I "Sent Post"

  6. did it both ways. Still no results!

  7. thesacredpath asked if you have a blog URL hosted here at dpga10 as if you are not hosted here, you need to ask in the other forums at:


  8. thistimethisspace

  9. OH OK Still trying to get beyond NUBee
    Thank you kindly, DP

  10. Not a problem, happy blogging!!

  11. I correct thesacredpath's URL with a wrong one! Good catch thistimethisspace!


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