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Widget for inserting links to external sites

  1. jerichoattrition

    I would like to see a widget that lets me type in a few URLs, to show which other projects/sites I am affiliated with.

  2. Like the "Links" widget, which is standard on

  3. jerichoattrition

    To be clear, the "Links" widget I see on is for Blogroll, and does not appear to let you enter arbitrary URLs.

  4. Yes, it does. I think I have a couple of hundred on mine.

    You can also use a text widget. Not that if you use actual affiliate URLs those will most likely redirect to the page which explains that affiliate marketing is not allowed here.

  5. jerichoattrition

    I'm an idiot. I was looking at this in the context of the widget by itself. The place to actually add the links is elsewhere. Thanks for making me look harder =)

  6. Oh, no worries. My apologies for not understanding. And you can change the name from "Blogroll" or "Links" to anything else by using categories.

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