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    Would it be possible to implement an widget in wordpress.com that displays the last, lets say 3-5, recently modified/changed posts?
    Blog url: http://hsabibwiki.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is hsabibwiki.wordpress.com.


    I doubt that most of us would use such a thing. At least I wouldn’t. Most of the modifications I make are just for correcting typos, and there’s no need for a widget that tells everyone about such things. If I change anything of substance, what I do is either make a new post about it, or if it’s not that important I just mention it in a comment to that post — which shows up in the “recent comments” widget.



    We use the blog in our institution as an internal wiki. There are some posts that are frequently updated. It would be helpful to inform the staff about this changes.
    Commenting on such posts so that they appear on the “recent comments” widget could be a workaround, but i’d prefer an “recent changes” widget.

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