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widget for resources and/or links

  1. Hi
    I would like to have a widget on each page to make a summary of all the links/resources ("hulpbronne") that I have added on that page - so that readers who read in a more linear way can see that and click there.
    I am afraid that my pages are too busy - my readers will be teachers who are older than the net.generation and maybe would prefer to access links that way.
    I thought maybe I can do that in my "comments" myself, but I do not really want comments on my pages ...
    Hope you can help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry - the blog that I need help with with regards to the problem previously mentioned is

  3. There is no way I know of to make a widget whose contents are unique to that particular blog post. Why don't you just make a list of them at the bottom of the post?

  4. Thanks for the quick response.
    I thought of that possibility already, but ... I am afraid that my posts/pages are already quite long - too many scrolls. That's why I thought I could add something on the side.

  5. You could put the grouping on the top, I suppose. It's an interesting idea, this widget. I'm sure some developer could do it and many people would be happy to use it. But I don't think it exists for at least.

  6. Thanks for your effort :)

  7. Happy day

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