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  1. I understand that the form tags were removed for reasons to keep people from usig them maliciously.

    But just a suggestion, if you are taking them - perhaps a small widget just for name, email and comment? An easy way to collect feedback, or in my case, questions.

  2. Some of the themes have a Contact form template within their DashBoard -> Write -> Write Pages -> Page Template. You may want to check this on the theme you're currently using. We've discussed it a few times here in the forums and it does appear to work.

  3. ohhhh thank you so much :) I didn't know that was there (and yes, even after searching, but I'm no queen of searches)

    thank you :)

  4. Well, I ran off to look and unfortunately, it does not appear as if the Andreas04 theme has the page template available. :( I will look for another template, but I really do like the double right sidebar look.

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