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    Hi Gang

    So I am trying to put custom image widgets in my sidebar rolandlewis.wordpress.com. I create the image in photoshop. Upload it via the the write page input the URL code in the text widget box already in my side bar….and then…nothing?


    Do the images need to be of a certain size ( I think so as they are small widgets)
    How do I link them so that they open the corresponding linking pages?
    How exactly do you upload the image into the text widget and onto the sidebar?

    If this is Q & A has already posted..I apologize..I wasn’t able to find it before breaking down and crying to the forum…HELP!!

    Where do I go to hire somebody to do help me with my blog? I tried posting to that WP pro list but my I keep getting email notification errors?




    Yes, the images can’t be any wider than your sidebar space, which changes depending on which template you’re using.

    What’s the URL of the image you’re using?

    Sometimes if you’re not all that tech savvy, the best way to configure your sidebar widgets is to pretend you’re writing a post, so go to Write Post and put it in there. Do all your formatting that way, since you can use the icons in the visual editor to change size and alignment and such. Once it’s the way you want, save that as a draft and click over to the code editor. Copy all the code there and paste that into your text widget. If it’s too wide or whatever, you can always go back to your draft and change it there, copying the new text.



    /nod to raincoaster
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    trying that now…geez thanks for the lighting response…you guys rock!



    I’m expecting that you will actually stop posting to the forum until you digest and act upon the information provided.


    just did…


    but how do I get it to link to an external website?



    You want an image in your sidebar that links to an external site? That’s been answered in the forum before; do a search for “image links” and I’m sure you’ll find several threads.

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