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    I have just changed my blog theme, and I’m now using the Structure theme. I’ve discovered two problems.

    1. The hopepage top right widget are, as it says, just covering space in the right side of my blog. Is it something I can do about this? It leaves a big white open space filled with nothing…

    2. To try to fill this empty space I’ve tried to go to theme option to choose one cathegory that can show up on my front page, but all that comes up is the title of a post and a grey square with nothing in it.

    So my problem is big white open spaces of nothing.
    Right now I have reset the options and deleted the widget, so you can not see anything when you click on my blog – exept from to black stripes with nothing in between.

    I really hope someone can help me!!

    The blog I need help with is maryathomewriting.com.



    Thank you:)

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