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    I’m using the theme “Andreas09 by Andreas Viklund” for my blog…Earler the category widget and the archive widget in this theme used to have a “box” look…I mean, there used to be borders around the names of my categories…However since last week, the borders have disappeared….any idea why this happened and how I might be able to fix it again? the archive widget on my blog still hs the same “box” look…It’s only on the category widget that this hs changed…



    I believe someone else posted on this. I also tested it on my test blog and the boxes appear to be gone. I could be wrong but I believe, there was an upgrade of the theme and this feature of “boxes” was eliminated and is no longer available.

    Perhaps another blogger has more information.



    Alright…I’ll try to search more on this in the forum…Thanks for your help…



    That change and also I asked why the category heirachy does not work any more a while back and have still not had a reply. Once again it’s typical of WordPress to make changes and/or introduce new features without any announcments and/or documentation at all :-(



    Redracer, feel free to volunteer your services in writing up some docs instead of complaining. You may have noted that volunteers do a lot around here like here in the forums with little thanks from staff or other folks.

    Doing nothing but complaining to the folks trying to help out just causes a drag. If you want to direct your comments to staff, please do so via feedback from your dashboard, not here in the forums.

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