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widget menu does not scroll down with blog post

  1. homewoodatlarge

    When I'm reading my blog outside of the dashboard, as a reader would do, the column of text scrolls but not the right-hand menu. So the column of text looks skinny and odd. I would like either to have the widgets scroll down with the type, or have the type spread out into the right side of the page--which I don't think can be done. I have Coraline theme. I just can't find where to do this on my dashboard. Can anyone help?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello Homewoodatlarge,

    I am not sure if I understand what you are trying to say there exactly, but your blog seems to be scrolling normally to me.

    I am not sure what/which device or browser you are using to view your blog, but you might want to try some of these recommendations here to see if this is maybe a browser issue:

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

  3. homewoodatlarge

    Yes, it's scrolling normally, but when you scroll down past the right-hand column of information, the column of text appears relatively very narrow. I was wondering if there was a way for the main content text to sweep to the right and fill in that space. I think the answer is no, without a lot of advanced tinkering.

  4. Now I think that I know what you are saying Homewoodatlarge, when you scroll past the sidebar the body text area is narrow, well it is like that on some themes like Caroline, Twenty Fourteen, et cetera where the body text area was made to be narrow for some reason.

    I am not sure if there is a way to change this without buying the Custom Design Upgrade ( and adjusting the code/whatever and/or self-hosting your own blog using the WordPress software from, but maybe someone with coding knowledge could answer that question for you; but there is supposedly a Full-Width Page Template for the Coraline theme that removes the sidebar and increases the width of the page from 500 to 770 which is mentioned here:


    The easiest approach in my opinion is to try another theme where the Main Column Width is wider, it is easy to Preview themes and/or the Demo for themes now, and you will probably find a theme that suits your needs better; and remember to look at the Quick Specs at the bottom of each Theme Page to see the information on the Measurements of each theme. ;)

    -John Jr

  5. homewoodatlarge

    Thank you! That helps.


  6. Good, you are welcome Homewoodatlarge. :)

    -John Jr

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