widget names in the Sidebar Arrangement tool

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    It is a bit difficult to manipulate widgets withing the sidebar arrangement tool
    when the names of the widgets shown are the type of the widget. This is especially true for the ‘Text#’ and ‘RSS#’ widgets. You should be able to specify a name for the widget when you use in this page that would also be shown.

    Eg: “Text2: About me”



    I know Matt was talking about this not that long ago and is something that is already being considered for change. Make sure you send a feedback in for this request on Monday when support is open again to remind them!




    I do not know how to delete a side bar that I added. the music one is crazy and it dismanteled my whole page, I am so upset now that I might delete the whole thing and let it go. Please someone tell me how can I get rid of this side bars and get my page back to the format it had before.

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