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widget not working

  1. I'm trying to put a 'currently reading' widget on my site from goodreads. the widget is the Grid Widget. When I copy/paste the HTML into a 'text' box what shows on my blog is either the HTML text itself, or that plus book covers in improper sequence.

    this is the goodreads link to widgets:

    Have any ideas?

    thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. this is for my blog STIR

  3. The instructions for posting the only Goodreads widget that we can post on a free hosted blog are here >

  4. Thank you. I've got the widget up. Yesterday the book covers showed, but today it's blank. I've played around but can't seem to figure out why. I re-entered the Id# from goodreads. That didn't work. . .

  5. Mine isn't working either. Area looks blank, mousing over causes blank covers to appear, clicking on blank cover opens Goodreads window. My blog is hosted at
    but I've turned off the widget until I get it working. I still need to check other browsers & another computer.

  6. @azscvgs: Did you remove the widget? We can't help you or find the problem if you remove it. Please put it back.

  7. @airodyssey: I'm helpfully reporting that mine behaves the same as the one reported in the previous post. That one is still there. I don't have more time now to help you further.

  8. Hi there did this get figured out? Because mine isn't working either - worked yesterday - but now there are no images/covers for the books.

    thanks for your help!

  9. @isleskye: I'm starting to think this is a problem on GoodReads' end (as the widget is hosted directly on their servers), but I tagged this thread so that staff takes a look, in case it's a problem on's end.

  10. This could well be an issue on goodreads end. It isn't necessarily on this end that there is a problem.

  11. Yeah, this is definitely an issue on GoodReads' end. I can't find anything that would cause it here.

  12. The problem is not browser-specific: it happens with IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

    Saying this is an issue on GoodReads' end does not do enough to guide the WordPress user. WordPress offers the GoodReads widget. WordPress users should disable the widget, or complain to GoodReads, or what? (WordPress has no responsibility for whether the widgets it offers works?)

  13. Yeah, I thought it would be a really cool thing to have, but this no covers deal is just frustrating.

  14. You should complain at Goodreads since it looks like many blogs here have the same issue and WordPress.COM does not seem to have made any changes - I have seen several times where third party things stopped working for a while because the third party was changing things or their systems were down for maintenance - but the first thing is to determine where the changes were made - asking Goodreads what happened would be a good first step.

  15. Goodreads Help Topics >
    Goodreads support >

  16. @airodyssey thanks! I'll be messaging them for sure

  17. hey all - this problem is addressed on the Goodreads blog. Looks like they are on it.

  18. @isleskye
    Thanks for updating us. It's appreciated.

  19. Having same problem

  20. @symblicity
    Have your reported your issue to Goodreads Staff? That's where the problem is. It's not at this end.

  21. I do see my books using Chrome, but not with IE. I have contacted Goodreads and ahven't heard back from them.

  22. It seems it works again. At least with Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Mac.

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