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    Here is what my text widget looks like. See if this gives you any clues on how to fix it…



    That is so strange. I’m afraid that is going to be something staff will have to look at. Contact support, they are open all weekend. I don’t know how quickly they will get back to you since I don’t know how many are ahead of you in the queue.


    You might try downloading firefox and giving it a try. You can always uninstall it afterward if there is no difference.



    Will try FireFox. Thanks for your help.


    You’re welcome, sorry I didn’t solve the issue for you.



    I downloaded Firefox it WORKED! I guess the problem lies in the Internet Explorer. I can see the entire text widget and delete, copy and paste with no problems. Thanks again for your help.


    IE 6 and 7 have over 100 incompatibilities/problems each with W3C HTML and XHTML standards and apparently WordPress is more picky. I’m sure WordPress will address it though, but you are up and running and that is the important thing.



    Being that of the many blogs at WordPress, everyone will not go get Firefox in order to use WordPress, so it’s pretty sure they’ll address those issues. I’m working around it by just using the html editor instead of the visual when I need to make a link. One doesn’t have to code the link in it either though, because the link option on the html editor menu opens up a pop-up you only have to paste your link into.

    I’m sure when the more important bugs and snafus are ironed out, they’ll tend to this one (and hopefully the one where we can’t copy/paste into our text widgets also).



    Now, I’ve got it. I’m using Mozilla ver 3.0 2 beta. And it’s working. At before, I used IE 6.
    So the conclusion, I must leave IE 6 from now, and start using Mozilla.
    But wordpress should have noticed this problem solving to all wordpress bloggers all over the world. Perhaps, some of them don’t know about this. Thanx.



    In IE 6.02 I clicked on the blue bar of the widget and moved it ever so slightly to the left of the screen…. suddenly the whole widget box appeared. WOW…. unfortunately it did not allow me to edit the box though?!!? Close but no cigar! Not sure if someone who tries can actually get to edit though, that’s why I am posting this (just in case you can)

    Fraccas, I am one of those who cannot download Firefox and agree that this issue needs to be fixed for those of us who need to use IE.



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