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    I would like my image widgets (which are social media buttons) to be in a row horizontally next to one another in the right sidebar. No matter what I do it continues to stack the buttons vertically. Is there any way via CSS code or otherwise that I can get the buttons in a row across in the right sidebar?

    The blog I need help with is girlsnextdoordecor.com.



    Nobody can answer without the URL of the blog in question.






    This is an active link http://girlsnextdoordecor.com/ to a private blog that we Volunteers cannot see and cannot help you with. When it comes to social networking buttons I do not place them in image widgets stacked vertically. I place the code for all the icons in a single text widget so I can align the icons horizontally.


    Posting them in a text widget instead of in separate image widgets is a good idea to start. Post back once you’ve added something and I’ll take a look for you.



    Ok I’ll try again… But when I put in code for text widget images would not show

    Thank you for offering to help!



    What exact code are you using? We need you to paste it here between CODE tags so it shows up.


    Make sure the code you’re adding to text widgets is plain HTML. If you need help with the code itself, please post image links for the social media icons you’d like to use. You can upload images to your media library and then copy the links from there.

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