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Widget position

  1. Until today my footer widgets sat nicely in the three centre columns in the footer area. They have now moved one place to the left leaving an ugly space on the right hand side. I would like this area to look symmetrical again. Any help gratefully received.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Widgets do not and cannot move of their own accord. Perhaps you have changed themes and forgotten to go here > Appearnce > Widgets where you can re-position your widgets? If you have changed themes they may be in the Inactive Widgets box.
    Suburbia theme description notes >
    live demo site >

  3. I searched for you and found more information here:

    Suburbia in supports only four widget areas in the footer. The far left grid is reserved for page navigation which appears on index and archive view if they have more than one page.

  4. Thank you, but I have not changed anything. My widgets are still in their corresponding places on my dashboard but are not showing correctly on my blog. They were showing correctly earlier but have since moved to the left. I am using a static page but was doing so when things were fine.

  5. Will you please post a screenshot of what you see on your Dashboard Widget page?

  6. My screen shot key does not work but I can assure you that everything is where it should be. I am using the first three footer areas which set the widgets in the centre three columns. The fourth footer area displays the widget in the farthest right hand column. If I set my home page back to posts they move to where they should be but as it was working perfectly well earlier with a static page as home page I am perplexed.

  7. I'll have this moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff will respond to you.

  8. Thank you. I have managed to save a screenshot in paint but do not know how to post it here. It will not paste directly into the box.

  9. Not to worry about that now. If needs be Staff can enter your blog.

  10. Thank you very much for your help. I have used a workaround which consists in putting a blank text widget into footer area one. This has moved everything to the right and now looks as it should.

  11. Well done. :) Best wishes for happy blogging.

  12. Hi gprew,

    We're sorry about the issue. There was a glitch in Suburbia in a short period of time but it's been fixed now. I removed the blank text widget and move the rest of widgets back how they were.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.

  13. Thank you :)

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