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Widget Problem

  1. Hey, I put all my widgets on my widget bar, ANd now i cant drag them off, when i do they just go back to where they were on the widget bar. Please help

  2. Drag them off and then click save.

  3. When you want to remove a widget from your sidebar and place it into your "available widgets" parking lot there is a "sweet spot" on the bottom left hand corner of the "available widget" parking lot.

    If you don't get the little devils all the way down there on that "sweet spot" then they do have a habit of leaping up into the sidebar again before you can click "save changes". :)

  4. I dont see the sweet pot, and everytime i try to drop them in the availible widgets box it just leaps back up on the side bar again, Whats the problem?

  5. You aren't dropping in a quick motion here. you are slowly dragging and then carefully and oh so tenderly releasing. And there's nothing to "see" it's just something I discovered through experience.

    Put your head into slow motion first. Carefully and slowly drag one of the little widget beggars all the way down to the bottom - the very bottom left corner of the "available widget" box. Don't let your finger release from the mouse right way.

    Let all the other little beggars in the avaialble widget box shuffle around to the right and settle. Then release your finger from the mouse.

    Do it carefully and slowly again for each widget you want to remove. Do it in slow motion and when you are done click "save changes" and wait paitiently for the save to take effect. If you rush it will not work. If you do not "save changes" it will not work.

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