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    I use the Chaotic Soul theme and I want to put the widgets in the right hand sidebar but they appear in the bottom of the front page. But when I enter a post the widgets appear in the sidebar as they’re supposed to. Does anyone know how to solve this? If it might help you can have a look at my blog http://arkeofuturism.wordpress.com/


    That is weird, have you tried removing all the widgets saving and then putting them back as that might fix the glitch


    Thanx for the tip but it doesn’t work.


    This is almost always caused by unbalanced div tags. Based on a quick peek at your blog, it looks like you have an unclosed <div> tag in your most recent post.



    Mine is doing the same thing and I can’t figure it out! http://www.booksflowers.wordpress.com

    I looked for an unclosed <div> but couldn’t seem to find one.


    Thanx a lot! That solved everything!



    Yep — me too. Finally found it and that solved the problem.


    You’re welcome. :-)

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