Widget question. Let's try this again.

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    User: David D. Robbins Jr.
    Blog: http://theirbatedbreath.wordpress.com/

    I appreciate the help here. I really do. But I get irritated by it too. (I rarely post here, because I usually don’t need any help, but I do read others’ questions – and notice the snippiness of so many “helpers”. The quickness to close topics for the sake of closing them. The sense of treating folks here as if they’re morons.) Just because you point to a WP Support link/URL with a supposed answer doesn’t mean a topic should be closed. It would be helpful to actually hear from other people who might have the issue or care to respond to it. (I understand the category widget options — “dropdown”, “hierarchy”, etc. I mean, geez, am I two-years-old? I’ve been running a WP.com blog for three years and write my own coding.) What I’m talking about is that today my “category dropdown” flat-out disappeared from the sidebar. (Which is odd enough.) And if I put a new widget back into the sidebar, it no longer has the option to show it as anything other than a long, gaudy, hideous list. My questions are basically: Has anyone else noticed this issue? Is it an theme-thing or WP.com thing? Will it come back as it was or be fixed? Obviously, something has changed. And it isn’t user error — or because I don’t understand how a WP category widget works. ;)

    The blog I need help with is theirbatedbreath.wordpress.com.



    Yes, other people have noticed the issue, and other related ones. It appears that staff are tinkering on the themes and such. Try it again in a couple of days, and in the meantime tag this “bugs” so that staff can see it.



    Yesterday my recent comments went away. I went back to the widgets and put it back and they all came back. All of this new update stuff has caused more links then a chain has. I liked the old way so much better. At least when I wanted to read a blog on the global reader they were not jumping all over the place. All of this does get discouraging and I am with you on the no help. I have posted twice this week and got none, but finally I worked through them.


    @raincoaster: Thanks so much. Yeah, I’ll wait it out. I think you’re right.
    @nubins: Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.



    I think wordpress has been hacked/cracked. Give them a break guys. They will work it out.

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