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Widget: Search on search

  1. A while ago I landed on a blog via a Google search. The blog had a sidebar widget titled "Search on search" and it presented other articles on the blog that matched the Google search that took me to the blog in the first place. That's brilliant! I want that for my blog too!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Find the code; it might work here.

  3. When presenting "ideas" it's always useful to post the link to the feature you want or one similar to it. Have you located where to get it on the internet by searching and locating the link to the site that offers such widgets yet?

    By tracking down the site offering the widget you can compare that widget to the restrictions of blogs (see support documentation entry and if it doesn't meet security guidleines you can choose not to post about it. Alternatively, if you aren't sure by posting the link to the site offering the widget other users can examine the code and comment.

  4. @raincoaster: How do you mean the code might work here?

    @timechief: I stumbled across that blog I mentioned more than a year ago and don't know how to find it again. Thanks for that /code link! I'll check it out.

  5. OK, checked that /code/ info out now. I can tell you that the widget I am wishing for here would not be possible to create within the restrictions.

    I guess I could create a wordpress plugin that would work on self-hosted blogs. It's not rocket surgery as long as it shouldn't support Google search operators.

  6. @cobpez
    I suspected that might be the case. I use search engines both general and niche search engines heavily in my contracted work. I use Google to search my blogs here ... lol :)

  7. I've made a plugin now and installed it on the Bagonca blog and wrote a small thing about it there:

    A search on search widget

    It contains links to the source code. This is to consider work in progress. It's my first wordpress plugin ever!

  8. But blogs do not have plugins or FTP access. Only blogs have plugins and FTP access.

    Here is the link to the plugins forum

  9. I only did the plugin to be able to show what my idea was about. It's on my blog I want it.

  10. Thanks for the follow-up - understood.

  11. To avoid any confusion arising, let's just be sure to let wordpress.COM users that there are no plugins for wordpress.COM blogs, so they understand that the plugin is for those who have wordpress.ORG software.

  12. Well, since users should know that already, there should be little room for confusion. =)

    It's made so that people can check it out and vote for this kind of plugin being added. Bounce Rate go away!

  13. You would be surprised how many people come here and get confused with

  14. @cobpez
    Every day we volunteers witness those posting to this forum who have not read the sticky post at the head of the forum, and who do not know the differences between and

    As I am a blogging tips blogger, I also witness even more who demonstrate their confusion in blog comments, in contact form messages sent to me, and in questions posed to me by email. I do the best job I can do if spreading the word, so to speak, by making them aware of this support documentation entry as well as the sticky post at the head of the forum

    In addition to the confused we have those impatient bloggers, who have not received instant answers to questions they have posted to the support forums, and who appear here seeking help. A few state they have self hosted blogs up front. More often we witness those who dodge answering the question: "What is the URL for the you are referring to?' because their aim is to seek either technical or CSS help "undercover".

    On this forum I believe we are experiencing an influx of confused bloggers from both and from, who need to be made aware of the differences between the two. That is why I posted what I did above.

  15. What I meant is that the distinction have been established earlier in this thread. I think all this extra caveats blur this topic which is to promote an idea about a search on search widget added to the offer.

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