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  1. I have changed the background color of my blog using text widget. Is this could causes problem if I want to uptodate the theme. Is text widget act the same way as a child theme in ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please read this

    You have posted to the wordpress.COM technical support forum. If you are asking a question about a wordpress.COM blog then please post the complete url starting with http:// so we can verify.

  3. The background declaration in the text widget may or may not work in all themes here. You would just have to try it and see what happens.

  4. Tank you for your answer thesacredpath,

    It helps me to understand that it is a trial and error matter and I hope it will continue to work if I up-grade my theme (default theme Kubrick)

  5. "if I up-grade my theme (default theme Kubrick) "

    I am confsed by your words. What do you mean by what you have said? We bloggers do not have FTP access and we cannot access the files for our underlying templates and edit or upgrade them.

    Only Staff can upgrade the themes that are available to all of us users. Are you referring to a CSS editing upgrade?

  6. Basically, ALL customization of the look of a blog is going to be specific to the theme used. If you change themes, you're going to have to re-do it, not because it won't stick, but because it won't look good with the new theme. We've seen people change all their fonts to white and then switch to a theme with a white background, and then they have to edit EVERY PARAGRAPH in the entire blog.

  7. I agree whith timethief. My words were confusing. I know that only staff can upgrade the theme but it could happen at any time and I was concerned about what could then happen to my "customized" theme. In a way, my question is, can I customize my theme using text widget the same way I could do it using CSS editing?

    Raincoster, I know that if someone change his current theme (ex: default Kubrick) to a new one, a lot of bad surprises could happen if he had already customized the theme. I am only concerned with default theme changed by wordpress staff if I have done many customizations using text widget.

  8. @jrcos7
    We volunteers answering forum questions don't have any more information than any other users have. We don't have a clue whether or not Staff are considering changing the default theme so I'm sorry but we don't have an answer for you.

  9. ...can I customize my theme using text widget the same way I could do it using CSS editing?

    No, using inline CSS in a text widget is very, very limited. You can, if you have CSS editing experience, do much more with the CSS upgrade.

    Also, if you are not aware, you need to know that CSS is theme specific. Theme customizations made for one theme will not work with other themes. Each individual theme author decides how they are going to do their CSS and what they are going to call things. If you customize a theme and then change to a different theme, you will have to delete your CSS changes and then start from scratch with customizing the new theme.

  10. Thank you everybody,
    your answers and links where very helpfull. I will continue to use text widget for minor changes and learn a bit of CSS codes if i need to use custom-CSS for more complicated one.

  11. @jrcoa7
    Here is a link to a CSS tutorial
    Best wishes with your blog. :)

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