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Widget text box image alignment messed up in "Contempt" theme


    The sponsor/partner banner buttons are 180px wide, they were perfectly aligned/centered before. I didn't change any of the settings or the html.

  2. There's something up on my sidebar as well. Send in a Feedback, this is something they tweaked behind the scenes and they need to know about it.

  3. I just sent a feeback because I logged in to find my sidebar out of whack too. I use Blix. I also, had not changed anything.. all was fine last night and suddenly this morning all is not fine.

  4. On the case, investigating.

  5. macroartinnature

    Andreas04, ... sidebar out of whack here too with way to much spacing between certain items, ... weird alignment, ... etc.

    Will also send support a message.

  6. Same problem is affecting my site. Have sent feedback. It seems to have to do with list formatting -- even if the widget is plain test without list tags, the server is inserting them anyway, which messes up the formattin on both plain text widgets and custom list widgets.

  7. pklein, your sidebar looks fine just now... mine still is not.

  8. And I had to re-arrange all my text in the sidebars. "GOSHDARNIT!" as what Matt usually says on 503 error.

  9. fracas, actually not.... Check out the "Authors" box. The text should be flush left and there should be no vertical spacing between entries. Here's what is in my text widget:

    <a href="">Nicolai J. Foss</a>
    <br><a href="">Peter G. Klein</a>
    <br><a href="">Chihmao Hsieh</a> (Guest Blogger)
    <br><a href="">Steven R. Postrel</a> (Guest Blogger)

    Here's what the server has translated it to:

    <div class="textwidget"><div class='snap_preview'>
    <p><a href="">Nicolai J. Foss</a>
    <a href="">Peter G. Klein</a>
    <a href="">Chihmao Hsieh</a> (Guest Blogger)
    <a href="">Steven R. Postrel</a> (Guest Blogger)

    Something funny is going on with the "class" tags.

  10. Sorry, strike that, apparently you can't use some codes in this comment window. Oh well, I'm sure they'll have it fixed in a jiffy.

  11. Ah.. ok. I guess being the owner, you'd notice slight changes like that whereas a new viewer wouldn't. Mine is so totally weird that anyone could tell. you have to scroll way down for the sidebar content to start whereas that's never been the case for me, and all my blog directory chicklets are doing what your text in the "authors" box is doing.

    Another person on my blogroll uses the Blix theme and seems to have none of that happening to her sidebar today, so go figure? I'm just glad to have a place to come whine at about stuff I have no idea how to fix.

  12. Mine just went back to normal.. well normal for my blog.. ;-)

  13. Mine too. Thanks, WP crew.

  14. Just for reference, you need to place code between backticks here in the forums. That's the key above the tab and to teh left of the '1' key on a PC board.

  15. "GOSHDARNIT" (my favourite phrase from now on) text codes is now back to normal and I need to re-arrange it back again. Holy cow!

  16. macroartinnature

    Everything is cool again.
    Thanks WP gurus!

  17. resolved. Thanks guys!

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