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    I’ve tried numerous times to increase the size of the widget titles in my CSS, but nothing is working. Right now I have the size set to 20px, but they’re still small. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is authorstephaniesullivan.wordpress.com.



    CSS questions must be posted in the CSS forum.



    I tagged this thread so Staff will move it to the CSS Forum for you. Please don’t create a duplicate thread.



    As I said on another thread, you must first delete the complete stylesheet from the CSS editor and add only the specific changes you’ve made. Then we can tell you how to increase the font size of the widget titles.

    If you don’t remember or haven’t noted down the exact changes you’ve made, you can first copy the version you’ve got in the editor, paste it in a text file, and compare it with the original stylesheet of the theme:



    @justpi-Isn’t there a revision history for CSS, or did that disappear?



    @jen: Yes – but I’m not sure it would be more helpful than my suggestion.
    It doesn’t matter really, as authorsullivan isn’t listening anyway. At first she had switched to Replacement mode, had pasted the entire stylesheet in the editor and made various changes to it (some of which were wrong). When I told her she should revert to the Add-on mode and add only the changes she makes, she did revert to Add-on but kept the entire stylesheet in the editor. Now she changed back to Replacement mode. I give up.


    @justpi I have been “listening”, so you don’t have to be such a jerk with your comments. I appreciate your advice, and I did try it your way, but then I decided to try something different. Isn’t that what custom design is about anyway? Good grief.



    Isn’t that what custom design is about anyway?

    Not so much. Even with the Custom Design upgrade there’s also a preferred method to work with it, which means only adding the CSS code for the parts you want to change rather than replace the entire stylesheet. See here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-design/editing-css/ specifically

    Add-on CSS is the recommended option

    Regardless, no need for name calling. It makes folks disinclined to assist you.



    Isn’t that what custom design is about anyway?

    No. Custom design is about modifying the appearance of the blog, not about adding wrong or conflicting or redundant code.

    I did try it your way

    It’s not “my way”: as Jen showed, it’s the right way when you’re not an expert (which you clearly aren’t). You can do it anyway you please: the result will sometimes be posts like your other one, in which you claim that the totally correct solution offered by designsimply (who is an expert) doesn’t work.


    @authorsullivan, sometimes tone isn’t easy to read in plain text, but the justpi’s advice is solid and has experience to back it up. Don’t get hung up about tone in the forums, just look at the solutions posted and try to include good, relevant examples when you ask questions. I agree about Add-on vs. Replacement mode. If you just add CSS changes instead of pasting in the entire stylesheet, it makes it way easier to help with debugging. So that’s one reason to do it! Of course, you’re entitled to try out new stuff and copy/paste what you want too—you just might get asked about fixing it a lot in the forums when you ask questions. :) Keep at it though! Experimentation is a big part of learning CSS in my experience.

    I checked the http://authorstephaniesullivan.wordpress.com/ site, and I see that it is currently using the Twenty Eleven theme. You should be able to use the following CSS example to adjust the size of widget titles to 20px in that theme:

    .widget-title {
    	font-size: 20px;

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