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    Is there a WP widget to display random text strings. Here is the one I’m using in blogger.com Unfortunately, it is in Java Script.

    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    var numquotes = 2;
    quotes = new Array(numquotes+1);
    quotes[1] = “Daily prayer is a time to talk with your Friend”;
    quotes[2] = “Daily scripture reading is a reward you give yourself”;
    var ran = Math.round((numquotes-1)*Math.random())+1
    document.write(quotes[ran] + ‘<p style=”text-align:right;”>’);

    The blog I need help with is mormonsite.wordpress.com.



    No there is nothing such. but what you can do is simply set a text widget and writer there something. But that “something” random would have to be set by yourself. Also have a look at the Gravatar Widget


    @allen008: If you find a flash-based widget you like, I might be able to give you the code that will make it work in WP.

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