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  1. If I have a uTube video and want to include it in a sidebar widget, what do I do? Do I use the same code as listed in the FAQ page, but on a text widget?

    thanks for your help,


  2. Youtubes do not "fit" in sidebars. They are too large and you cannot resize them to fit.

  3. uTube is not an option at all; it's different from YouTube.

    YouTube videos are permitted on our blogs, but uTubes are not. And didn't sunburntkamel figure out a way to re-size YouTubes by putting them in tables? I thought he had.

  4. DUH! Please accept my apology for not making the distinction between uTube and YouTube. :(

  5. Hmm, now that's got trademark issues written all over it.

  6. Don't you know: the Internet is a series of tubes.

  7. didn't sunburntkamel figure out a way to re-size YouTubes by putting them in tables?

    Is this true, and if so, can it also be put in a text widget, I wonder?

    I'll have to mess around with this.

  8. the Internet is a series of tubes.

    I thought it was filled with spammers, that picture of Teri Hatcher wrapped in Superman's cape, and those characters from Reboot.

  9. Nope, it's definitely a series of tubes:

  10. Here's the link for the thread on resizing the video

  11. @Raincoaster, brentroos, & TT,

    That tip is for aligning videos, not actually resizing them. I think it has been agreed (based on the posts in that thread) that they cannot be resized with what we have available.

  12. Strange thing is I saw someone with a Sweet Blossoms theme recently and they had a youtube video in there fine. It was tiny but it fit.

  13. a number of the themes have javascript resizing, so that images and whatnot don't break the layout or get cut off. i'd have to check sweet blossoms to see if that's what's happening. either way, that only works in the post content, not the sidebar.

  14. Oooh, cool. Thanks.

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