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  1. Hi-
    Where is the widgets link. I was able to use and add widgets to my site a couple of weeks ago, but now I want to edit those widgets and I cannot find the link to the widgets page.
    Where isit?

  2. When you're in the admin section, click Presentation then Sidebar Widgets.

    Widgets aren't available in all themes however. That may be why you couldn't find them.

  3. I've added the sidebar links (widget) to my site, but how do I go back and edit the links in them?

  4. In the admin section of your blog you find Blogroll and it is the Blogroll into which you insert links which are displayed only after the Links widget is configured and placed in your sidebar. The order the links are displayed in is alphabetically by category and you cannot change that. You can however choose to make links either "visible" or "invisible".
    To edit any link -> Dashboard -> Blogroll (there you will find all your links as well as the edit and delete options. And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

  5. How do you remove widgets completely. I accidentaly saved some widgets that are messing up my page, how do i get them off?

  6. Try dragging them to the bottom left corner of the main widgets box.

  7. Hello, Newbie here :-)

    In the FAQs it says: "Inside your blog, click ‘Presentation’". Could someone describe to me where exactly the "Presentation" link/menu is?
    I haven't found it in my dashboard although the theme description says that my theme (Ambiru) has widgets.

    I'm using the german version, but I think I must be blind or something because I can't seem to find the widget section.

    It's not really urgent, just a general question.

  8. The theme description is "wrong". Ambiru does not have widgets.
    On the admin (backside) of your blog you look at your Dashboard and you see:
    Dashboard Write Manage Comments Blogroll Presentation Users Options Upgrades
    click "Presentation"
    Now you see:
    Themes Custom Image Header Edit CSS
    (There is no "sidebar widgets" tab)

    I suggest you try Daydream instead. It is also a narrow theme but it has widgets, header options and very nice typography.
    # Themes
    # Custom Image Header
    # Day Dream Options
    # Sidebar Widgets
    # Edit CSS

  9. Thanks very much, timethief. And I thought I was too stupid ... ;-)

    Maybe someone should change the theme description for Ambiru?

  10. Yeah, we have asked for that change to take place. I'm sorry you got "caught" in it. This will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

  11. Adding the modlook tag to see if we can get Mark or another staff member to make the correction to the Ambiru theme description as noted up above.

    Hmm, just noticed that Blogdesk will do Technorati tags. We'll have to remember that when it comes up here in teh forums.

  12. BlogDesk is kewl. It not only has a T tag generator but you can also use it to add categories on the fly as well. :D
    hmmm ... maybe I should put that on my "canned answers" list.

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