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    [Rudeness deleted – drmike]



    This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available.

    Guess it’s not important any more.



    The other week someone posted a three minute old post here and their account “was deleted”. But he said he changed his blog title or something. Could be this too.

    In your Presentation after you access your dashboard, that’s where you’ll find the widgets. Then click those little lines next to it which makes it open. Then place the html code in there, not javascript code. Drag that widget onto your sidebar thing in your Presentation. Then save it and it should show up in a few minutes.



    Friendly reminder that rudeness is not acceptable around here. Please remember that we’re all volenteers here in the forums answering your questions.

    Especially when it’s a question that has been covered many times over in the past.

    Also since you don’t tell us what specifically what you are doing that is not working for you. We are not mindreaders around here.

    If we direct someone to a specific FAQ, we do it for a reason. No one here deserves specialy treatment and, if it’s a question that has been answered in the past and placed on teh FAQ, it’s there for a reason.

    To answer you question though, a quick search shows a number of threads covering the subject. Short answer is that the JavaScript version of the Paypal button does not work but the text option that they use does.



    I sincerely apologize for coming across as rude, that was not my intent, and I am deeply sorry. I am now on my 16th blog, I’ve tried every host site there is. You can’t know how frustrating it is to have a Masters Degree and be so stupid when it comes to this stuff.
    I finally got the widget on my page. When I hit the configure thingy, nothing happens. I have the HTML code but I still can’t get it into the widget. I asked you not to direct me to FAQs or DOCs because I spent hours going through them and was still confused.
    Please help?



    Dashboard > Presentation > Sidebar Widgets

    First pick how many widgets you want:


    Then drag them to where it says Sidebar and place them in the order you want them in your sidebar. And to open the widget, click where those three little lines are. That opens up the widget. Then place the html codes, not javascript, and then close the widget. Then click save changes. Always cut and save what you put in widgets just in case they didn’t go through the first time and you have to do them again if they don’t go through the first time. This will show up on your main page in a few minutes. Or do what I do and go edit a post, but don’t edit anything. Just save it and all the new changes will show right away.


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