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    This question goes beyond just widgets, but since that’s what I’m currently aggravated to the point of suicide, I’ll start here.
    I have spent the better part of a week, eight hours a day, trying to fathom your language.
    My latest quest is for knowledge of what different catagories of widgets do. Meebo? Flickr?
    You guys keep referring us back to either Documentation or FAQs. How are we supposed to find the answers if we don’t know how to ask the questions?
    Granted, I only have a Masters Degree, but you need to understand that out of this planet’s population, only about 400 million humans understand your language.
    PLEASE don’t refer me back to what you’ve already written, even if the answer is hidden there, mortals like myself either can’t find it, or understand it.
    Anyway, my question is this: Would you please write an encyclopedia of wordpress “stuff”, so mankind can comprehend whatever the hell you guys are talking about?



    the meebo widget
    puts a little section on your blog that allows users to messge you. (if you have meebo running). check out http://matt.wordpress.com/ for an example.

    the flickr widget shows pictures from your flickr account, in a little section on the side of your blog.

    each of the widgets has a little button on the right edge of it that lets you configure it, so clicking on that will usually help you see what the widget does.



    Would you please write an encyclopedia of wordpress “stuff”, so mankind can comprehend whatever the hell you guys are talking about?

    Welcome to Open Source. Most docs for most projects are written by the end users. In fact most of the FAqs that you mention were written or suggested by the end users. (I’m the one who wrote the first FAQ at teh head of the forums.)

    It would help though if you asked specific questions instead of just general ranting. Some of us have limited time and have to deal with folsk coming in here and posting “I don’t get something” and that’s it. It’s like pulling teeth trying to get the necessary information sometimes so that we can help people. Heck, half the time we never get a response when we go out of our way to try to help some one and it’s pretty much just wasted effort on our part.

    And then we have folks who assume that we know everything like some little pet project somewhere on the net that even the search engines haven’t heard of.

    If you want an encyclopia of “stuff,” may I make the suggestion that you start writing one. Either that or take some time and read the codex.

    You will also note that I don’t just send folks to the FAQ in general (And I also delet any post that does that as well) around here. if I send someone to teh FAQ, I send them to a specific article or, if I can tell that they haven’t read it, I suggest that they do so.

    Thanks for letting me know that what I try to do here is going to waste.

    Oh wait, it’s moot. They’ve deleted their account. Guess they have a Master’s in cry baby.



    If I wasn’t such a precious little sweetheart ;) my guess would be that he or she is preparing to do another thesis. You know a PhD (Piled higher and Deeper) in polysci baby kissing and bullshooting %0 OOPS! I mean political science studies and rhetoric. And there’s little doubt his or her night job is in consumer relations, eh?


    Looks like kip has deleted his/her blog.




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