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    “Removing them (widgets)
    Drag the widget to the bottom left corner of the main widgets box. It will change shape and you can let the mouse button go.”

    hi. i seem to have a problem removing my widgets. can you pls show me how to remove widgets using pictures?




    (1) If you have a wordpress.com blog then please post the url to it for us. Example http://wordpersonalblog.wordpress.com

    (2) But if you downloaded software from wordpress.org and installed it then you are in the wrong forum. The correct one is here -> http://wordpress.org/support

    (3) Lastly you are dealing here with fellow bloggers who are freely giving their time to answer question without being paid to do so. The FAQs already has illustrated entries on widgets. http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/12/24/what-is-a-widget/

    (4) When widgets cannot be moved it’s usually a browser issue. So provided the answer to the first question is that you do have a blog free hosted by wordpress.com, then please tell us which browser and version of it that you are using.

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