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  1. I am a new blogger, I am totally unable to show widgets, and have lost meta and archives in the process. I have followed the help page on widgets - nothing - HELP

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you haven’t activated any widgets for your sidebar* (in Appearance>Widgets), each theme displays its own default set of sidebar items.

    …Once you activate any widget, the default set is cancelled.

    If you are having trouble dragging a widget to your sidebar try this:

  3. Tried everything, I have a list of widget names in the widget page, have 'saved' in screen accessibility mode' absolutely nothing on the page.

  4. @pmorgan7
    Some bloggers think there ought to be sidebars on every page in every blog theme. This is not the case. It's difficult to know what your experience is without you describing it. You are using the Twenty Eleven theme and that theme does not display a sidebar on single post pages. This is not the case. The Showcase teamplate page also has unique behavior. Perhaps your problem is stemming from that. You can scroll down to this heading at the link I provided "Section 6 – the latest posts and the showcase sidebar" and find more information on widget use in the Twenty Eleven theme.

  5. Thank you,

    I'll have another go.

  6. You're welcome and best wishes.

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