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  1. Using Twenty Twelve. Can't embed check availability button into text box on sidebar. Code shows up only.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, just started a site here not too long ago. I'm a musician so I use a music player widget for visitors to listen to my music. However, yesterday I tried uploading more songs to the playlist and for some reason every time I've tried doing so the page freezes and does not save the new additional tracks I insert to my widget playlist. This hasn't happened before so I'm wondering how do I go about resolving this?


  3. "Check Availability Button?" Could you explain what that is?

    I don't see a music player on at all.

  4. Yeah, now I've actually done some tampering that I'm starting to regret. Since the widget wasn't letting me upload the new media, I thought it would be smart if I just deleted it and re-added it again. I was dead wrong, and now I cannot seem to input the music player widget in my website.

    getting a bit frustrated at this point. I've cleared my browser & cache, attempted the change on different browsers but still same road block...

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