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  1. Thanks for previas help. 1.How to activate Upcoming Events on side bar widget?
    2. How to add web link on side bar? With photo/text OK but with web link it does't appears together with item.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Upcoming Events widget >

    You can capture an image and upload it, link to it and display it in a text widget.

    For creating links in a text widget see:

    You can upload image files by clicking the Add Media button right above the editing area of a page or a post.

    You can also upload new files to your Media Library using Media → Add New.

    See also

    For troubleshooting see

  3. Thanks for a massage. Seems I have explained wrong. I want to add a website; www. xxxx. com in sidebar widget under the photo, ( you should see there are my book National Costumes of Nepal and I added a web site below; , unfortunately its doesn't work/ activates, please help... Thank you.

  4. 1. I can not understand your instructions. I can insert photo & text in a side bar widget, but web site doesn't appears. I activate the text, click "HERE" and then add a link but nothing appears, why?

    2. After three days my photos suddenly disappears from the post block and home page. I have to upload them again, why?

  5. You mean you want the website address to be a live link. This requires a bit of coding. Edit the Text widgets and paste this in place of the address:
    <a href=""></a>

  6. Somehow it doesn't work. I got the pasted text, it appears under the photo, but doesn't activates after a click. Would you be kind to explain from the very beginning. Where I have to start on a dashboard, activate the web address; links/ media/ ???

  7. You've written that address in a couple of text widgets. You go to Appearance > Widgets, open these two widgets, replace the address with the code I gave above, save.

  8. Thank you, I got that. Is there any restrictions to use this code for others web addresses, like North Sea Jazz Festival?
    Is it possible to operate with colors of letters and background in a widget side bar?
    Programs looks very complicated, but photography appears in very good quality.

  9. 1) You can link to any legitimate webpage (no porn, money-making schemes etc). The general model for a link is this:

    2) You can change the appearance of the content of a text widget if you use coding. See these posts of mine:
    The appearance of the other widgets can't be changed without the Custom Design upgrade.

  10. Thanks for everything. ... but with these last offers, hm.. I am in corner.
    Where to start & finish...? Simply I need soft colors for the text in the widget side bar, thats all. Anyway tanks.

  11. To change the color of the text in a text widget, open the widget, paste this before the text:
    <div style="color:#456789;">
    and this after the text:
    Then replace 456789 with the code number for the color you prefer and click Save. Color palettes and code numbers here:

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