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    My widgets disappear and/or change code when I try to rearrange them, add them or just fix them. I started on a free blog and upgraded earlier this year. The issue started today when I wanted to edit my mailing list widget. I’ve now lost that and, without me changing anything, also my buy links. I don’t know what to do because every time I fix a widget, another widget disappear.

    The blog I need help with is woelfdietrich.com.



    If you have buy links for anything you did not create yourself and/or affiliate links that are coming and going you could have a Terms of Service issue. Here’s what gets a free hosted WordPress.com blog suspended:



    Thanks for the reply, Timethief. I upgraded my blog to premium earlier this year and registered my domain name. I read the links you provided, thanks. I’m a writer and I use my blog to write posts about writing, my writing, and books and authors. The buy links I have on there directs to my books on Amazon and a few other places. I do have an Amazon storefront page as part of their affiliate program, with a variety of books that I personally recommend, but it has nothing to do with widgets nor are these links located in the widgets. From my understanding, this is acceptable. My blog is not a content farm or a spam site or any of those prohibited practices. Also, I received no warning in my dashboard that I did something wrong. My problem was the widgets were acting weird and they’ve never done so before yesterday, and it affected not only my links, but also all my other widgets. This weirdness only occurred when I tried to change something or add something. For instance, I moved my new release mailing list widget to the top and suddenly my RSS feed disappeared. When I fixed that, then the next widget on the list disappeared.

    Anyway, I finally sorted it out early this morning and it seems to work fine now. Thanks again for your reply.

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