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    Hi, peeps,

    Dragging a widget to the side bar (or either side bar) removes all other content in those sidebars. Should that be happening?

    I created a new page of my current reading list. It will show as a main page, but refuses to be nested under ‘About’. Again, should that be happening?

    Themes used ‘Rubric’ and ‘Andreas04’.

    Thanks for help.

    The blog I need help with is johnnybobs.wordpress.com.


    If you have not yet installed any widgets in the sidebars, then what you are seeing is a sample display of widgets that are there so that you can see what it will look like with widgets. Once you add a widget, that sample set disappears, but all you have to do is add in the other widgets that you want by dragging and dropping.


    To answer the second question, we need a link to the blog.




    Re- the widgets: that makes sense now. Cheers.

    Still having trouble with a new page showing as nested.



    Not all themes will show sub-pages like that. You might want to put the Pages widget in your sidebar so they’ll show there.



    Immensely fast replies. Many thanks.

    I ought to be able to sort it from there. :-)

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