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    I have two problems:

    1. Don’t we get blog stats for the “Pages” just like we get for Posts.
    Actually I have a section Called Songs Lyrics where i have subpages. And, Does the total Blog Counter Count page Counter as well. And how do i get to know how many people viewed the Lyrics (pages)??

    2. The Second one is related to the Front page and Widgets. On the Front page my Wdigets are not appearing in the sidebar. instead they are shown as a part of the text/post at the end of the page.

    My Blog: http://vaibhav64arora.wordpress.com

    PS: It would be helpful if you guys can point out certain mistakes which i have committed while maintaning this blog. Also tell me certain WordPress features which I ain’t using yet. Please, If possible.


    Your sidebar is exactly where it should be when I look at it. I’m using IE7. And yes, stats does count views of the pages.


    Oh! yes, somehow it got fixed.
    But, one more problem, How do i get to know the Page Stats?



    You go to your Stats page on your dashboard and you can see the hits on your various posts under Top Posts. If you click on the title you get the full list. To get the stats for any particular page or post, click on the graph beside that posts’s title.

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