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    Hi I just “sent a post” but it is not showing up anywhere so I am trying again. If it is duplicated, please delete this one.

    I have two RRS feed from dictionary.com and neither of them are feeding to my site.

    I went to dictionary.com and retrieved the new feed link of ~http://dictionary.reference.com/help/linking/wordoftheday.html~
    and replaced the information in the left widget….. but as you can see at my site it is still not showing up.

    The original html for the feed was ~http://dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday/wotd.rss~ for the English version (left side).

    Is the something missing from the code that I did not put in correctly?

    I have cleared my cache, CTRL F5, and yet the feed is still not visible. Does the widget need something else?

    Any help is appreciated



    I just found an “expert” version of the RSS feed and wonder if I now need to add is all in the widget?
    The code is:
    ~ <?xml version=”1.0″ ?>
    – <rss version=”0.92″>
    – <channel>
    <title>Dictionary.com Word of the Day</title>
    <description>A new word is presented every day with its definition and example sentences from actual published works.</description>
    <copyright>Copyright 2008 Lexico Publishing Group, LLC</copyright>
    – <image>
    <description>Free online dictionary, thesaurus and reference guide, crossword puzzles and other word games, online translator and Word of the Day.</description>
    – <item>
    <title>auspicious: Dictionary.com Word of the Day</title>
    <description>auspicious: favorable; also, prosperous; fortunate.</description>
    – <textInput>
    <description>Dictionary.com Search</description>
    </rss> ~

    Is this now the RSS feed code? I retrieved it from here http://dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday/ and clicking on the XML button…?

    Thanks again



    Um Hi… any help resolving this is greatly appreciated….



    No, that’s not the code. The code you need is this http://dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday/wotd.rss



    Feeds have a URL. Their URL does not end in “html” because they’re not written in html. Having looked at the site, it doesn’t appear they offer it as an RSS widget; they offer an email signup instead. I honestly do not see a feed at all in what you posted, although it DOES have an RSS element. This is beyond me: why wouldn’t they just have a button with a link to whatever.com/feed like everywhere else on earth?



    Thanks, Vivian. I tried that and got only a blank page though. Perhaps their feed is down?

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