Widgets appear like magic!

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    Based on history, warnings aren’t in the wordpress plan typically.


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    not in life either.


    It’s sort of like an author’s widget but it allows a description to be added, It won’t show multiple authors in one widget, but it does allow multiple occurrences. Since only an administrator can add widgets, it will be limited to those with admin privileges. It also lets you assign different URL’s to the gravatar so that if you wanted you could link your image to an entirely different site.

    I expect there will still be some theme-by-theme tweaking to the CSS to make them fit in with the different themes.

    It ain’t over till it’s over, and it’s never over.


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    Thank you. As always, you are insightful.


    Let’s blame Matt.




    Aaarrrrrrrgh! Also in the Widget Dashboard I suddenly have a bunch of “saved” widgets that I certainly never saved.


    Kill them before they have a chance to breed!!!!


    Thanks for reminding me. I just had to go through my six blogs (5 that I just grabbed when an interesting name came to mind) and had to delete widgets from the “inactive widgets” area.


    Oops, I mean seven.



    Thanks guys, especially for the info on the new Gravatar widget. After spending all that time working out how to do my current “The LowDown” text box, my first thought upon seeing this was: Where have YOU been? But alas, WP.com is looking to serve the greater number. Can’t blame ’em for that. Besides, learning to do my own has been a good learning experience. 8-O

    I sure hope that the surprises are over. Yeah I know, silly me. :-)

    Thanks again.



    If anyone gets the “magically appearing widgets” can you leave them there and send in a support request so that we can take a look? We’re trying to track this down, but need some examples to troubleshoot what is happening.




    Sorry Nick, I took tsp’s advice and squashed them flat. It seems like it was the new Gravatar widget that set the whole thing off. If I come across them on one of my *kof hiddenblogs, I’ll send in a report.



    I noticed a calendar, search and meta widget on one of my sidebars this morning and was worried, which is why I am on the forum investigating, but I went ahead and took them down. Sorry. Please let us know if there is something funky going on.


    There are obviously updates going on, so you can probably expect more strangeness. The good news is that with updates come new features and such.


    I had calendar, meta, a text widget and archives show up on mine but I’ve already removed them. Would have sent in a report and left them if I came here first.

    Also under inactive widgets the ‘Gravatar’ widget is present although I have never used it. Hmmmm.



    It has happened on most of my blogs. I think it is happening because the inactive/unused widget thing is not working properly! :(

    Extra widgets also appeared when I tried to preview another theme!

    Hope it is fixed soon.


    It is because of widget updates that staff is doing. That is all.



    thesacredpath, every dark cloud has a silver lining! :) :lol: 8)



    @thesacredpath (RE: OMG! And it isn’t even the weekend!)



    @viasjnu, and every silver lining has a dark cloud. ;-P

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