Widgets are faulty.

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    My secondary widget and all footers will not open.

    My copyright notice has lines under it which is a link to facebook, i think this only started when i put the facebook link in the sidebar.

    The blog I need help with is dribblingpensioner.wordpress.com.



    You linked all the text here >

    I never have made money from this and likely never will, so how would you make any money? Can’t you write your own crappy shit? I find it hard to write to the low level i do. But if you do happen to find something funny or interesting, i really can’t see where you would, and want to re-post it, just ask, as long as I’m given appropriate credit. Or if you want to link-up, that’s fine too. Just don’t steal my stuff and pretend it’s your own… your friends and family will find out and will disown you.
    I asked if could i use this copyright from the Brown Road Chronicles blog.

    to here http://en-gb.facebook.com/badges/


    How TT, i opened a new text widget for facebook, now i cannot remove it, i can’t open the widget.



    Try a different browser and see if you can remove it then.



    Hey there,
    As we have had a few bloggers post with I can’t access widget issues I’m going to speculate that Staff may be tinkering and fiddling again. Oops! I mean improving things, of course. lol :D I suggest finding something else to focus on for awhile. Note I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.


    Thanks TT, i’l give them a while, they could be messing about :LOL: improving things.



    All of your widgets seem to be just fine.

    Would you please try clearing your browser’s cache?



    My primary widgets are fine the other six are not working.



    Ok, I see the problem. You didn’t complete the last link in the “My Facebook” Text widget, so the link tag wasn’t closed and therefore was applying to everything after it.

    Since I’m not sure what the link should have been, I just removed it.



    I hope you can help me, too.

    I also have a problem with the widgets. I can add them to the sidebar and footer areas, but I CANNOT edit them – I don’t get the menu where you can find below ‘save’, ‘delete’ or ‘close’; I can’t add images, texts, headlines, my gravatar isn’t shown. My ‘category’ and ‘archive’ widget doesn’t show the number of posts (because I can’t edit it).

    Another thing: The new page for the site stats (views per country) can’t be load.
    I got the information from the WordPress team to use the NEW Internet Explorer, but I still have Windows XP, I can’t upgrade my Explorer; and I don’t want to use the Firefox browser.
    Am I really forced to get a new browser to use & enjoy my WordPress blog + its features the way like I did before, or do I have these problems due to other things i.e. maintainance by the WordPress team?

    Thanks in advance for your reply & help!!!



    @chrisisaaksilvertonewordpress If you are using Windows XP then you are way, way, out of date, and that is probably the reason for your problems. If you don’t want to use Firefox (or Chrome) then you won’t ever be able to use WP properly because you are so out of date with the WinXP.


    @ chrisisaaksilvertonewordpress, don’t use firefox, use chrome its much easier to use.


    @ Macmanx, thank you for removing it, i’ll not bother about facebook in case it happens again :)


    Okay, I thank you both for a reply! I guess I have to get a new browser, I don’t want to give my blog up.

    Have a nice weekend, guys!


    You can keep ie but use chrome for wordpress only thats what i used to do, but now i’m on win7



    You can download any browser version here > http://browsehappy.com
    I recommend Firefox over Chrome.


    Thank You, Thank You! I downloaded ‘Google Chrome’ right now and everything works pretty fine again!!!

    Happy blogging! ;-P



    Happy blogging!


    Good luck with your blogging.



    ~~ top ‘o the day to you, dribblingpensioner :)

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