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Widgets At Bottom Of Blog - Gray Backgrounds On Posts Instead Of White

  1. Aloha!

    Just a few days ago, I noticed my site was a little messed up, but I fixed it.

    Now, just today, I noticed that the "Widgets" do not appear on the right-siderbar, instead it shows up at the bottom of my blog. At the VERY BOTTOM...

    Meanwhile, my posts are having grey backgrounds instead of white...

    Hope You can fix this WordPress!

  2. Didn't we already discuss this with you a few weeks ago? I thought we had.

  3. The side bar dropping to the bottom is usually due to too wide content in a post.

  4. No? this is the first time my siderbar is found at the bottom of the blog.

  5. Okay, fair enough. I'm old and my memory is failing, you know. But that's the thread with the answers.

  6. Well, Thanks! The problem is fixed now!

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