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widgets at bottom of page - regardless of theme

  1. as it says. all widgets dragged to dashed boxes on any theme with right sidebars display at the left bottom of the page. using pressrow at the moment.
    brand new to this.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you copy and paste blocks of text into a post from elsewhere? That the usual cause of sidebars falling. There will be some HTML coding error in one of your posts that has broken your layout. What I would do is work backwards from the most recent post to find the error and fix it.

  3. Also note that copying a pasting whole news articles without gaining the permission of a copyright holder is a violation of copyright. The convention is to use a excerpted quoted and link back to the original source.

  4. yes - pasting was the problem . Also note - there is no copyright issue when the poster is the original author of the newspaper article (as in our case) - that right is not given away in the submission of articles to a newspaper or magazine to print or reprint unless there is express written concession of those rights by the author (as is sometimes the case in book or film publication).

  5. That's true; it's just that TT didn't know you were the original author.

  6. Yay! Your sidebar is back so that means you have resolved the problem. Happy blogging!

  7. rockstarinplano

    Where do I find help for my forum that when people try to type in their comments, they can't see what is typed? this just started and we are frustrated cause our forum traffic has gone down..

    Thanks so much for any help! [email redacted]

    Thanks so much,

  8. (1) What does your question have to do with the subject matter in this thread? The answer is absolutely nothing and what you have done is called thread jacking. Please do not post off-topic issues into existing threads. Start your own thread.

    (2) Where is the URL for the blog to which you refer? How the heck can we help without it?

    (3) blogs do not have forums. blogs can have forums.

    (4) We Volunteers do not provide support by email. Posting an email address in the form guarantees that spam bots will harvest it and spam it.

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