widgets: “configure” button not working?

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    Is anyone else getting this problem?

    I went to [strong]Presentation->widgets[/strong] to change one of my widgets (like usual), but when I press the [strong]configure[/strong] button on the text widget, nothing happens – no form pops up. The same for the other widgets with configure buttons

    I am using IE7, and my blog has the Digg 3 theme.



    … and I’ve now found it does work … sometimes.

    If I click like 20 times, like a mad thing, and then wait 5 seconds, and then click again… then sometimes I get the config form.

    OK, I changed what I wanted to… chilling now…


    There was another case like this and it turned out to be the mouse the person was using (which seemed to somehow work with other things). If you have a second mouse, or perhaps a friend has one you can test it with, give that a try.

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