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    i made a text widget that has a picture and a link to my “about me” page. whenever i put it on top of all the other widgets (the second one is “categories”) it ends up covering my categories section. if i move it to the bottom of the widgets its fine. i’d like it on top. any ideas?

    PS you can see what i mean by this if you click on link on my avatar thingie. (i’m new at all this)



    Quick aside: When did blogger start allowing folks to hotlink images from their servers?

    Anyway, within your Text widget, Me Me Me, you have the About me link wrapped within li tags. The widgets use li tags already so you wind up doing nested li tags which is probably causing the issue. Either remove them from the widget or change them to either ul or ol tags.

    Even the validator is complaining about them.

    Hope this helps,

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