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Widgets disappeared from site and dashboard

  1. While attempting to add a new RSS widget, I noticed that the "widget sidebar" editor in the dashboad was empty even though I had several widgets there. I went ahead and added a Pinboard RSS widget, thinking that all might be restored, but see that now I only have the Pinboard feed n my sidebar.

    What happened? how can I get back to my most recent array of sidebar widgets before adding the Pinboard RSS?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi guys. Um, never mind on that earlier problem. I've gone ahead and reconstituted the sidebar widgets, and all looks good now (but if you have a thought about why they all got removed, let me know.)

    While I am here, however, I notice that the Facebook page like button does not show an icon. Is this fixable?

    thanks, as always!


  3. With "no" widgets you see what the Theme designer put in for Default Widgets - as soon as you add a Widget all the default Widgets go away (the Theme designer now wants you to have full control of your site)

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