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Widgets disappearing

  1. For some reason one of my my text widget on my right sidebar completely diappeared, along with my calendar, and my 'subscribe' widget moved from the top to the bottom.

    They are clearly present wehn I go to 'presentation', but are not showing up live anymore.

    Any ideas?

  2. i am also having the same problem with all my widgets on the side bar

  3. Hmm, you're both using the same theme, so I wonder if it is a problem with the theme.

    Can one/both of you raise feedback for this through your dashboard please? One of the PTB will be able to investigate.


  4. I have also noticed the same thing on two of my blogs, funnily enough they use the same template (Andreas09 1.5) - the others using two completely different templates are fine.

    I just checked the other two queries here and they also use the same template!

  5. We are on the case :)

  6. Thought you would be just wanted to be sure that it was not just a local prob... Thanks in advance for the help you guys are great, really helpful...

  7. me too. looking forward to a resolution which i know will arrive soon. thanks WP!!!

  8. thanks for your help

  9. Andreas should be okay now, and we will mend the change in Emire soon. Sorry for the problems.

  10. Thanks podz - much appreciation from here - one problem down one to go...

  11. Thanks!

    Sorry about being late on getting back, but I stepped out and now everything is gravy again.

  12. I'm having what might be a related problem...the Blog titles under my RSS feed link stopped showing up. One day it was fine, now only the feed icon is there and the blog headlines are gone. Any ideas?

  13. Allen, an example of this would be? Only RSS feed I see on your site is for your own blog and since you don't have any Posts on your blog (Only Pages), you can't have an RSS feed.

  14. Dr. Mike - thanks for getting back to me...I do have plenty of posts on my site. Until a few days ago, the most recent post headlines would show up underneath the feed icon, with the number of headlines being designated by the widget selection. It just stopped happening the other day.

  15. I just found your Posts. All I saw last time were the Pages. Sorry about that. Now that I do see them....

    There was a bug discovered a few days ago covering this. I'll send in a Feedback for you with a pointer to this thread and see if I can get Podz or one of the other staff members to take a look for you.

    Note, that if you don't have any Posts, you don't have an RSS feed. That's what I was thinking was occuring here.

    Hope this helps,

  16. There was a small problems which I've sorted.
    The widgets for the sidebar and what is actually on the sidebar are correct - though that might have been changed because of what was wrong?

  17. Dr.Mike and Podz...thanks for the help but I still don't understand what's going on. I've been using the RSS widget for a couple months, and everything was just fine - under neath the "Five Easy Feed" header, it would list my most recent posts. I didn't change a thing on the site, and suddenly the posts do not show up under the header. The Widget is currently selected to show the four most recent post headlines. It's simply not working.

  18. I think it's sorted now?

  19. Like magic. Thanks much, you guys give good support.

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